Brand, Corporate Identity + Logos

How Does It Help My Company? 

We believe your brand should match who you are, spread your ideas and spark a connection with people in a way that matters. You and your company work hard every day doing what you do best. Make your brand go to work for you in the same way. 

Your brand is like an iceberg, that reveals a unique sliver of itself each time a company or individual comes into contact with anything related to your company.  It's way beyond a logo. It's your culture, your name, your reputation around town, your website experience, and the person-to-person contact between customers and company employees.  It's how your company treats your staff. It's also every automated e-mail, postcard, brochure, advertisement in print, or online, and yes, even every bill. It's your product, your service, your return policy, your causes, your events and your leadership. It's the way people talk about you, especially to their friends and network. It's the kinds of people that make up your workforce.  It's what you're known for in a way that comes through everything you do, even if it's never something written down in some official way. 

Your identity is something you are, and also something your striving to be. And it's definitely something you should define, discuss and evolve over time in a strategic way. Because if there is not a roadmap for your brand, it's likely all over the place. 

Some of Our Favorite Branding Projects: Digital + Print 

Psyche Ink works with you to create a unique, progressive and crisp identity that establishes a consistent brand message across every mobile device, publication and human interaction. This includes creating a strict set of identity guidelines for your company so that everything you produce carries a consistent and visually-strong look and feel. Your brand is a powerful thing. Be sure it's working for you as hard as it can. 

Have questions about how to build your brand? Let's talk. 

What Does Your Logo Do For You?

Your logo is the face of your brand, and Psyche Ink works to make something your customers feel connected to. This is the #1 visual that can empower your customers to identify with a company's core brand.  And now a days, it can be almost anywhere.

Photo by sergio_kumer/iStock / Getty Images