Website Design

Your website is the place that projects your image the strongest because you have complete control over everything about it, down to the typography, layout, colors and message. It should match who you are, and broadcast your work and ideas with compelling design, images and words. And most importantly it should speak and resonate with your favorite kind of customers.

Squarespace Website Designer & Creator.

Designed and created numerous websites for clients working in the following industries: financial investment, insurance, large industry conglomerates, marketing, beverage, fine arts, non-profits, sport teams, and security software. To see examples, contact

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What's a "Good" Website?

As consumer habits, and technology continue to evolve so should your website. Here are some questions to ask about your current website? 

  • Does your website provide the right solutions to questions people are actively looking for? 
  • Does your website tell your unique story, or reflect a generic message that could appear on hundreds of sites? 
  • Is it easy to use? Can users find the right information quickly?
  • Is your website responsive to mobile and other hand-held devices?
  • Is it designed to compel customers to act in a certain way? 
  • Does it match your look, feel and brand image?
  • Does your site have crisp and clear photos? Or are they grainy?
  • Does it overwhelm users with too much information? 
  • Does it look "good" design-wise? For example, does it use fonts, and font sizes consistently? 
  • Is it designed to engage search engines in a way that works?
  • Has it been updated since 2010 and 2011? These years are significant, because it was the very beginning of Google algorithm changes, called the Panda Updates, that where designed to stop sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results. This means thin content, non-organic content, and mechanically-generated content on your site could actually cause your site to actually be downgraded, instead of helping it. So if you site is chock-full of "key words" but no real story or human element, you may have problems. Google is getting smarter at matching the "best" answer to every single query on it's search engine site. 

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