Psyche Ink makes stories that matter beautiful with ink and images.

Based in Austin Texas, Psyche Ink ties smart strategies to visually-driven + compelling stories to help companies leverage its impact and moves others to change their behavior for good.  Psyche Ink meets a wide range of marketing and branding needs, including website creation. Our team develops impact-driven marketing strategies to pair with the right deliverable, including graphic design, logos + identity development, website design, pitch decks, brochures, postcards, social media campaigns and much more. 

I truly believe that people are looking for stories that really mean something–stories that are redemptive, inspiring, and bigger than an individual.
— -Scott Harrison, Founder of Charity Water


To tell beautiful and compelling stories for individuals, companies  and social enterprises earning a higher social impact. 

Courtney Holder: Creative Consultant

With a tailored background ideal for producing compelling and beautiful stories, Courtney enjoys crafting unique, progressive and crisp identities that establishes a consistent brand message that works to engage and change behavior.  She has worked as a creative consultant and communications expert to help companies and organizations adopt smart strategies to tell their story for more than a decade. 

With a Masters in Journalism, and a 15-year track record, Courtney offers an experienced creative communications career distinguished by commended performance and proven results. Experienced in producing and launching successful multimedia marketing, new websites and public relations campaigns, she knows your brand is the face of your company.  Blending the power of words and compelling images, she strategically works to make your brand and story memorable and prompt change in others. 

The Team.

Sometimes it takes a team of some pretty creative people to tell the best stories.  Those are the kinds of people, Psyche Ink loves to partner with.  Psyche Ink values working with smart people who do what they do best.  As a small-creative agency, we provide a flexible and talented group of creatives to get the job not just done, but done right.  

Do you have a mad creative skill? Always looking for good talent to team up with. 


Connecting people to ideas and companies that seek to change lives.

A portion of the profits from each project, goes to support two non-profits that help people living in hard places. At the end of each project, the client gets to select what cause below they would like their project to support. 


Courtney Holder lives with her husband, four children and two dogs.  With two of her children born in Austin, Texas and the other two born in the outback of Ethiopia, her family embraces traveling, extremely spicy food and exploring new places and cultures.  Austin-born herself, Courtney values thinking outside the box, collaborating with unique people, and camping whenever possible.  Obsessed with symbols and icons since childhood, she enjoys crafting modern identities for meaningful causes and companies that inspire change. 

Courtney also sells her artwork under the name: C. Leigh Holder. See her artwork here:

Track Record.

  • 15-years in the creative industry telling stories through words and images to help change lives. 
  • Squarespace website designer. Designed and created numerous websites for clients working in the following industries: financial investment, insurance, large industry conglomerates, marketing, beverage, fine arts, non-profits, sport teams, and security software. To see examples, contact
  • Designed printed and digital brand and marketing materials, including pitch decks, logos, infographic presentations, brochures, postcard success stories, mugs, event banners, t-shirts, website designs and blog layouts, and social media ads.
  • Lead and produced large online marketing campaigns, including raising $500,000 in 30 days to fund emergency relief efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa with global and local NGOs. 
  • Co-produced online creative fundraising  campaign, including online platform, success stories, social media engagement and animation video for Austin-based NGO's brand and raised funds to construct school  campus in rural Ethiopia with Buy Bricks campaign.
  • Lead and produced success stories of program recipients on the ground in rural Sub-Saharan Africa with a field team of videographers, photographers and program managers, including translators, local leaders and technical engineers.
  • Earned marketing campaigns and fundraising events media spots on NPR, NBC News, FOX, and other networks.
  • Past creative consultant for CAA, Austin-based company generating some $70+ million in revenue.
  • Past Marketing Manager for Glimmer of Hope, Austin-based  NGO who raises millions to help those in extreme poverty in Ethiopia.  Increased organizations identity and online presence by producing successful marketing campaigns, refreshing its website and growing donor development. 
  • Past executive writer for C-Level leaders including Gov. Rick Perry, Pricewaterhouse Coopers Energy VP, and Texas Railroad Commissioner.
  • Past freelance writer for World Magazine, Texas Highways magazine, and Adoption Today.

Collaborating With Some Incredible People. 

It takes a village. Some of the best ideas come from brainstorming together and playing to our strengths. Courtney feels very blessed to have creatively collaborated with some pretty incredible people and companies who dream big, including humanitarian photographer Esther Havens, Save the Children, ProductionFor, Heather Bauer PR, Rachel Hayes, Jacob Critz, Glimmer of Hope founders, Donna + Philip Berber, and their staff, illustrator Sara Lathan, Make & Matter, GOAL, Water to Thrive, House of Leslie, and MercyCorps among many others. In the future, she looks forward to doing this even more.


trying to chase what is beautiful + true + good in hopes of a better tomorrow.
— Courtney L Holder
 Ethiopia, 2012

Ethiopia, 2012